Thank you Wy for your beautiful and so inspiring lyric and thank you Dawn for your stunning vocals and beautiful vocal melody!
This is our collaboration on 50/90. It was wonderful to be a part of this song.


released September 15, 2014
'Butterflies And Faeries'

© 2014 by Wyman Griffith (lyrics), Nadia Cripps (music) and Dawn Otteson (vocal melody). Vocals by Dawn Otteson, Piano by Nadia Cripps.Demo by Nadia Cripps and Dawn Otteson.
Photo © by Nadia Cripps.

Butterflies and faeries
Are delightful things
So pretty and so fragile
With their tiny wings

Lets float with the faeries
And the butterflies
You can see them too
If you have an eye

There's another world
If you are in tune
Close your eyes and dream
and you'll be there too

Are butterflies and faeries kin
They seem so much alike
Do they bed down together
when it comes the night

Do they talk about their homeland
The way things were back then
Do they dream about the day
When they'll be home again

I haven't figured it all out
As close as I can get
Could be perhaps the answer is
That butterflies are faerie pets



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