'Childhood Memories' Copyright© 2014; 2016 by Nadia Cripps (music, piano), Kristian Børresen (additional music, orchestra arrangement), Dee West (lyrics) and Karlos Harrison (vocals, vocal melody, vocal harmonies). Demo by Nadia Cripps, Karlos Harrison and Kristian Børresen. Tunecode: 266191LM
Photo by noahhurricane45:

Kristian Børresen:

Karlos Harrison:

Dee West:


Looking back in my mind
At those lazy summer times
Where the sun, all day long, it would shine.

I can recall

Verse One:

Every day we’d rise early
Run through golden fields of barley
We were young, bold and carefree
Had adventures every day

And that clear stream which glistened
Where with sticks and string we’d fish in
And to birdsong we’d listen
While we watched small white clouds roll away


Verse Two:

On the crest of the Great Mount
How we’d make that copse our playground
Up on high, we would look down
T’was our castle to defend

We would swing on some thick ropes
Tied round branches of an old oak
Happy times full of hopes
Brother dear, you were my best friend


Verse Three:

Now we’re no more together
These fond memories stay forever
From my mind they are tethered
To the beating of my heart

And when I sleep I can now see
In those gold fields of barley
You’re waiting for me
For the time we’re no more apart


released November 7, 2016



all rights reserved


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