Richard posted his lyric dedicated to his mother-in-law on archive2012.fawmers.org/songs/15979
I was trying to create music to it but nothing worthy was coming. One day I was just sitting at a piano struggling with my inspiration to come and I just wanted to play something. Different melodies were coming but nothing I liked. Then this music came and I recorded it. I called it "When There is No Inspiration". I posted it on Bandcamp and put the link on 50/90. Later in the evening I just realized that this music would work with the lyric! So I've changed the title and sent it to Dawn. Please listen to our new demo:

©2012-2013 by Richard/rittmo' and Joyce Blum and Nadia Cripps (music).
Lyric created in 2012, music in 2013.
Piano, Demo and Photo by Nadia Cripps


we've heard it said many times before
nobody had a bad word to say
and most times that might not be true
but Clara, it is when it comes to you

may the great zeppalin in the sky
carry you heavenbound
with a rain tear in every eye
I'm sure flowers will be all around

abundant in color and so full of life
blossoming as your soul does rise
triumphant as the day you were born
everyday from now on, at the break of dawn

clouds will smile and birds shall sing a sweet, sweet song
celebrating a life like yours that knew not from wrong

watching the angels within your view
oh Clara how we love and cherish you!

rittmo' and Joyce


released September 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Nadia Cripps UK

Thank you for visiting for a listen. My name is Nadia. I'm a piano teacher, a pianist, composer and a songwriter. I write in different genres including acoustic piano, musical, soundtrack, ballet music. I love ballet and musicals and many of my compositions and collaborations reflect this. Please contact me if you would like to use my music. Some instrumentals and songs are available to purchase. ... more

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