'Daydreaming'. Collaboration

by Lee Streitz and Nadia Cripps, Feat. Mike Bucholtz



Collaboration with Lee Streitz and Mike Bucholtz. Please also listen to Dawn Otteson's vocals: nadiacripps.bandcamp.com/track/daydreaming
Here is also the link to Lee's video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZErWa_u4qd4

Copyright © 2008. Lyrics by Lee Streitz, Music, piano by Nadia Cripps. Vocals by Mike Bucholtz. Demo by Nadia Cripps and Mike Buchoitz. Photo by Nadia Cripps.

Do you want to daydream
With Leanne and Sophie
Together in the sun
Sharing in the great fun

Oh how they love daydreaming in the clouds
Where showering hearts are sprinkling down
All around them, everywhere
For the love of friendship is in the air

Just between two best friends
They share whispering secrets
Floating high in the sky
Waving to blue birds flying by

Repeat Chorus:

Sailing on the warm breeze
They eat sugar cookies
Sharing laughter and smiles
And reading funny books

Repeat Chorus:

Oh, let the sun shine down
As they go cloud hopping
What a delightful day
Sailing up and away

Daydream, daydream
Sailing away on the clouds
Daydream, daydream
Sailing away on the clouds
Sailing away on the clouds


released April 12, 2015



all rights reserved


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