This song started during FAWM 2016. I composed piano piece, John (zecoop) added music layers, special atmosphere of reflections and predictions and orchestration, Kristi created her moving lyric and Wilma sang beautifully and in a true dramatic sense. Thank you so much to John, Kristi and Wilma for your fantastic collaboration.

'Hearts Burn'
©2016 Nadia Cripps, ZeCoop and Kristi McKeever. Feat. Wilma B Waterlily.

Music, Piano by Nadia Cripps, additional music and orchestration by ZeCoop, Lyrics by Kristi McKeever. Vocals by Wilma B Waterlily. Demo by Nadia Cripps, ZeCoop and Wilma B Waterlily. Photo by geralt/Gerd Altmann: pixabay.com/en/heart-love-flame-lovers-universe-1137263/



Wilma B.Waterlily:


Reflections and Predictions:

The link to Wilma's video:

As shadows cross the driveway
I start to feel uneasy
You leave then come back looking for our love

Don’t wink, don’t smile, don’t play
You have no heart to give me
I’m strong, I’m bolder.....and I’ve had enough

Hearts burn
What seems like an eternity
Tides turn
With power and uncertainty
High tolls
For letting you in
With you I never win

Hearts burn
We lose our own identity
Tides turn
With passion and intensity
Lost souls
Trying to breathe
Trying to flee

Your eyes show fear and dread
The mirror knows the truth now
You can’t be wrong it’s just too much to take

You see the road we tread
It’s wild, it’s full of black clouds
I know my heart’s at stake
I’m here with you, oh what’s at stake


released November 10, 2016



all rights reserved


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