'Is There Hope?' Copyright © 2011 by Nadia Cripps (music, piano, photo) & Peter Murphy (lyrics). Vocals by Darci Strutt and Dawn Otteson.

'Is There Hope?'
Copyright© 2011 by Nadia Cripps (music, piano, photo) &
Peter Murphy (lyrics).
Vocals by Darci Strutt and Dawn Otteson

I am but young
Why am I here
I have only fears
Where are my dreams
I can not cope
With a life That
Has no hope
No meaning

I am older than you
My end draws near
No time for fears
Of leaving

Come on now
Let me show you
There’s a world
You haven’t seen

Have you
Sung from a page
Have you
Walked upon a stage
Have you
Heard a martin call
And Have you
Seen a curtain fall

You are too young
To be going yet
Why rush to take
Your final breath

You have it all
Except Good sense
What good is death
But for leaving

Since I was born
My life was planned
My parents don’t

When I was young
My death was planned
By this tattoo
Above my hand

I last saw my parents then
But they're always
With me when I
Hear a song

they taught me
to sing

It was
Music that gave me hope

Music taught me
How to cope and
Music brought me
Here to you

and Music
Will help you too
So sing out now
And live your life
let it take you through
let the music
Take you
The music
Take me
With music
There is


released August 22, 2014



all rights reserved


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