'Let Gloomy Days Be Lost In The Past'

by Nadia Cirpps and Timothy Chen Allen



I saw how a baby was crying and his mum was chatting to a friend. As they moved away I was thinking how nice it would be for the baby if his mum stopped chatting to her friend and instead said something nicely, softly to her baby. I wrote my lyric during Fawm 2015 and posted it there. Timothy read it and left his comment saying that he composed his music to my words and if I like his music I can consider it our collaboration. I absolutely love Timothy's vision for my words. Thank you so much for your fantastic collaboration Timothy!!!
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'Let Gloomy Days Be Lost In The Past'
© 2015 Nadia Cirpps and Timothy Chen Allen
Lyric by Nadia Cripps, music, vocals, guitar and demo by Timothy Chen Allen. Image of newborn sleeping is by Vera Kratochvil:

"Can you see, I'm not lying?
He wouldn't stop crying
Got his face all red
He behaves as if he's never fed!"

Two friends are chatting dismissing the rest
Baby's patience is jokingly put to the test
Poor little one, you sound alone and in pain
Looking with big tears at your mum in vain

Take a good care of your baby, he is sad
He is feeling very upset
Being ignored isn't fun
Be kind to him, he is your son

Speak to him softly, sing your love song
He'll stop crying before too long
Gently rock him and he will give you a smile
He'll remain peaceful for a while

It's amazing how quickly babies grow
He'll be big before you know
Help him be happy, make kindness last
Let gloomy days be lost in the past


released April 16, 2015



all rights reserved


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