'Love You' Collaboration

by Nadia Cripps



Here is our collaboration on FAWM.ORG. I wrote a piano piece 'Love You', Kristi created her beautiful lyric and Karlos created vocal melody, harmonization and arrangement.

Here is the link to my original piece: nadiacripps.bandcamp.com/track/love-you

Kristi McKeever:

Karlos Harrison:

'Love You' ©2016 Nadia Cripps, Kristi McKeever and Karlos Harrison
Music by Nadia Cripps, Lyrics by Kristi McKeever, Arrangement, vocals and vocal melody by Karlos Harrison. Demo by Nadia Cripps and Karlos Harrison. Photo by Nadia Cripps.


'Love You'

Slowly, gently, softly
Memories take me back again
Inviting, charming, witty
In April we became good friends

Vibrant, humble, brilliant
Eyes that juggled blue and green
Playful, cheerful, lively

Summer flies, then Autumn brings
Winter. And then the pendulum swings
Mountains, molehills, don’t matter at all
I wish I told you more
How my love is always yours

Spicy, cozy, tender
Sharing sips of apple cider
Golden, faithful, lucky
Promises will float on water

Wishful, hopeful, freely,
Build a nest and sow some seeds
Chatty, babbling, happy

And somehow, though I see more lines on my face
You know they won’t erase these moving pictures
We learn to live with our mistakes
They’re the things that make us great

Noisy, joyful, busy
Vacations on a river boat
Laughing, crying, beaming
Our children turn into adults

Lovely, madly, loyal
The hourglass won’t leave us empty
Always, loving, caring

And the pendulum swings

Slowly, gently, softly
Memories take me back again
Inviting, charming, witty
In April we became good friends

Oh, memories


released February 12, 2016



all rights reserved


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