'Majestic Tiger' by Helen Rae Cooper and Nadia Cripps

by Nadia Cripps



Helen Rae Cooper wrote a poem called 'Majestic Tiger' over 20 years ago, after reading about the plight of Tiger's throughout the world. Almost hunted to extinction.

In 2010 Roy Cooper who put the video together, thought it would be a good idea to try to create a short musical play from the words, for dramatic groups to perform.

He envisaged those taking part dressing up as the animals in a jungle with face-paint on.

I composed the music and recorded it on the piano.

Dawn Otteson recorded her vocals and this project was complete.

Here is a link to Roy's video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu4HzFRaQTM

Should any school or dramatic group happen across this video want to put together a show, please contact us via www.royandhelen.com

Photo credit: Bengal tiger public domain image picture in gallery Tiger:


Lyrics © by Helen Rae Cooper
'Majestic Tiger'

Majestic Tiger in the night
With yellow eyes gleaming bright
He is homeward bound, but first
Must have water, to quench his thirst.

There is a waterhole close by,
One he knows will not be dry.
Quickly, he increases his stride,
The smaller animals run and hide.

However, his mind is not on food,
He is full, and in agreeable mood.
But Tiger, Tiger, do take care,
For evil man has set his snare.

Need of water spurs him on,
His normal caution has now gone.
He bounds forward, there is a snap,
Another victim, of man's trap.

His mighty shriek of pain and fright,
Send others scurrying left and right.
Held fast by his front paw,
By jagged teeth, like a saw.

Thrashing the ground with his tail,
He struggles, but to no avail.
Through the night, his struggles last,
Dawn breaks, he's still held fast.

One more agonised roar of pain,
He tries to escape, yet again.
This time, succeeding with a moan,
As steel teeth, tear through bone.

Exhausted he lays down his head,
For a moment, it seems he's dead.
Until tears trickle from his eyes,
His body shudders, with long sighs.

His severed limb is bleeding badly,
He weakly licks it, but sadly,
He cannot stem the flow of blood,
That pours from him, like a flood.

As this lord of the jungle lays dieing,
The heavens seem to be crying,
As raindrops fall upon his head,
His body heaves and now he's dead.

There's no animal crueller than man,
Killing for pleasure through life’s span.
A Tiger trophy on the wall,
A Tiger skin in the hall.

When you stroke your household cat,
See him sleeping on your mat.
Think how lucky he's so small,
He is Tiger's relative, after all.


released February 21, 2012
Majestic Tiger © 2010-2012 by Helen Rae Cooper (lyrics) and Nadia Cripps (music). Vocals by Dawn Otteson, piano by Nadia Cripps



all rights reserved


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