Many Seasons
To Dear Joyce and Peter. Happy 60-s Anniversary!!!
© 2012 Nadia Cripps (music, piano) and Kristi McKeever (lyrics). Vocals by Dawn Otteson. Piano by Nadia Cripps. Photo © by Anca.

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Many Seasons
© 2012 Nadia Cripps (music, piano) and Kristi McKeever (lyrics).

One Fall day a thousand stars
Aligned themselves for you
Hopes and dreams gathered around
As you both said “I do”

Wind and rain would come and go
But mornings brought the light
Cuz your hearts shined like diamonds
Beyond the cold dark nights

Many years have come and gone
But you are both still young
Many ways to build a home
Sharing your life with someone

Many tables set for two
Candle slowly burning
Many pictures tell the stories
And pages keep on turning

Every night the brightest moon
Is smiling upon you
Your hopes and dreams just grew
When you said “I do”

Many years have come and gone

Many seasons

Wishing you

So many more


released May 14, 2013



all rights reserved


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