Michelle put her poem on Just Plain Folks Forum and I loved it straight away. It's a lovely story so many people can relate to. We started to collaborate on the song. It has been fantastic to collaboate with Michelle who was always positive, ready for changes and happy to wait for the music. Our song was created in 2009 and posted on Soundclick then. I've noticed that it has been recently listened to and the highest position it reached was 2 out of 127,601 songs in Musical genre. This pleasantly surprised me and I've decided to post it on Bandcamp too. Thank you for listening. Our dream is to hear our songs in musicals. Well, maybe one day :)


Copyright© 2009 by Michelle Chapman (lyrics) and Nadia Cripps (music)
Gemma E. (voice), Nadia Cripps (piano)

I remember riding in the back seat
you'd keep me from getting cold
a little girl with brown eyes
about eight years old

I had a few years on you
I was a little taller
Toughest girl I ever knew
was a little bit smaller

I remember the day mama brought you home
I said "take her back to from where she came"
But you grew on me so quickly
without you, my life, would never be the same

Just not sure If I've ever told you
and I write this here in tears
little girl, I love you so
I miss our younger years
The room that we shared
our talks about boys
Even our little fights
over your weeble wobble toys

You were always so much tougher
than all of the other little girls
I wanted to be just like you
With your big brown eyes and curls

Baby sister, have I never told you
It's you that I adore
We were tough little soldier girls
Living in the middle of a war

But I always knew if things got bad
and I'd come under attack
You'd come and put your arms around me
you always watched my back

I'm so very glad that on that day
that mama didn't bring home a brother
Amy, I'm your biggest fan
You are a sister like no other.


released March 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Nadia Cripps UK

Thank you for visiting for a listen. My name is Nadia. I'm a piano teacher, a pianist, composer and a songwriter. I write in different genres including acoustic piano, musical, soundtrack, ballet music. I love ballet and musicals and many of my compositions and collaborations reflect this. Please contact me if you would like to use my music. Some instrumentals and songs are available to purchase. ... more

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