'Sleep Time'

by Nadia Cripps and Ken Wood



I composed my music in 2010 during my participation on songwriters' site called 50/90. Please watch my video with my piano piece: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtE6qWNNw9g

This is my collaboration with Ken Wood who created in 2012 his beautiful lyric and sang our song. Thank you Ken :))

'Sleep Time' ©2010-2012 by Nadia Cripps and Ken Wood
Music and Piano: Nadia Cripps
Lyrics and Vocal: Ken Wood
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net:


'Sleep Time' ©2010-2012 by Nadia Cripps and Ken Wood
Music and Piano: Nadia Cripps
Lyrics and Vocal: Ken Wood: https://kenwood.bandcamp.com/

Well it seems that the hands upon our clock are broken
They’ve not moved since the last time that my eyes sprung open
Maybe old ones go napping or like us slow down
When all thoughts are of sad if onlies,
That’s why time always passed at such a cracking speed
Yet now goes by so slowly?’
You sigh “Sleep-time, for me! Goodnight Baby!”

And as you climb up the stairs
You note the look I give you
That says 'Please reach for my hand
and take me with you"
Though your eyes can read me like your Mills and Boon,
Seems they've grown so tired of reading
That's why kisses that were so long and passion-filled
Grow weak and ever fleeting
You sigh “Sleep-time, for me! Goodnight Baby!”

I can't bear to have my eyes wide open
And watch yours close
It's high time that we woke up
Surely, now, we've slept enough

I watch you climb into bed
But then you just rollover
Undeterred, I lie beside you
And move in closer
I say "Hold me!
Here clocks tick
Quicker than a heart could beat

Baby.....are you asleep?


released October 21, 2013



all rights reserved


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