'Strange Surprise'. Collaboration

by Nadia Cripps, Kristi McKeever and Karlos Harrison



Here is our collaboration on 50/90. I composed my piano piece:
Kristi created hear beautiful full of amazing symbolic meaning lyric and Karlos added other instruments and his gorgeous vocals creating great atmosphere in the song. Thank you both Kristi and Karlos for your beautiful collaboration with me!
'Strange Surprise' ©2015 by Nadia Cripps, Kristi McKeever and Karlos Harrison. Music by Nadia Cripps, Lyric by Kristi McKeever. Vocals and other instruments by Karlos Harrison, Piano by Nadia Cripps. Demo by Nadia Cripps and Karlos Harrison. Photo by Gerd Altmann: pixabay.com/en/love-lovers-universe-sky-star-man-1137270/

Kristi McKeever:

Karlos Harrison:

Live or die
Truth or dare
Do we play
What’s out there

Back and forth
We both run
At the edge
Should we jump

Hold on
Trust me
Strange surprise

Dark red skies
Do we ask
What’s the prize

What we feel
It’s all new
Fiery touch
Love’s debut

And we’ll sail on
Brave hearts flying
Soaring higher
Kindred bond

Love is regal
Like the eagle
We’re alone
Take us home

Hold on now
Trust me
Strange surprise


released February 4, 2016



all rights reserved


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