Mike posted his beautiful music on fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/6462 saying that he was looking for collaboration. Thank you Mike for the inspiration and for liking my lyric.

(Mike); Nadia's lyrics, and Dawn's vocalization of my bare bones piano track has resulted in a very nice arrangement!
BIG thanks to you both!

Nadia: Mike and Dawn, thank you both so much for your amazing new collaboration. Mike, your music is full of inspiration and magical vibes, Dawn, your vocal melody is superb and your vocals are a pure perfection!
Michael's link:
Dawn's link:

'Summer Nights'
© 2014 by Michael Karns (music), Nadia Cripps (lyrics) and
Dawn Otteson (vocal melody). Piano by Michael Karns, Vocals by Dawn Otteson. Demo by Michael Karns and Dawn Otteson.
Photo by Nadia Cripps.

Summer nights are warm and soothing
Stay with me and we can listen to the nature's songs
Gentle, loving, they will sing while we're stars viewing
Let's stay close, my heart knows where it belongs

Summer nights are full of magic
The light breeze is whispering its spell
Summer nights often make me feel nostalgic
But not tonight, when you are hear as well

Even though you've decided
It was time to say goodbye
At this moment we're undivided
My love for you will never die

When we part you'll still be near
I'll always feel your presence
You'll forever be my dear
Every minute, every second

People say the time is best cure
But I don't need to be free from you
Please remember and know for sure
I'll love your the same way you once knew

You aren't close but my heart knows
Where it belongs...


released August 7, 2014



all rights reserved


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