'You Are Looking At A Clock' Collaboration

by Nadia Cripps and Patrick Bonier



Thank you so much for your amazing lyric and recital Patrick!
I posted my piano piece on 50/90 and Patrick kindly suggested to collaborate with me.


'You Are Looking at a Clock'
©2015 Nadia Cripps and Patrick Bonier
Music by Nadia Cripps, Lyric and Recital by Patrick Bonier
Demo by Nadia Cripps and Patrick Bonier
Photo by Kelsey Vere:

You are looking at a clock
That sits above the fireplace
And you stand alone and awkward
As the hands move ‘round its face

And your finger’s in a book
That you’re not reading ‘cause you’re looking
At a clock
You can’t stop

Now you see that it’s past 2 AM
You wonder what to do
If she was here you know you’d go to bed

But you’ve given up on slumber
And you’re staring at the numbers
On your watch
So you pour another scotch. And you are

Looking at a clock
And you sit here taking stock
But that ship has left the dock so long ago
And you wonder if you wish it wasn’t so
After all this time you’d think that you would know

In the silence, as you listen
You can tell that something’s wrong
In the night
There’s a fragment of a song

And the second hand sweeps
And the hour hand will creep
Time goes slow
Time goes slow
Time goes slow

You are looking at a clock
You are looking at a clock
You are looking at a clock




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